It is easy to walk the roads of the 4.9km² island in just a few hours. Each road stretches out like a web from the center, their ends attached to the shores. Trees stand at attention alongside them, which from a distance resemble a doorway to the water. 

The port is the only point of entrance and exit for Strynø, an island in Denmark’s South Funen cluster of small islands. As part of LAG Småøerne or islet group, an island local action initiative, the long time residents focus their efforts on sustaining their way of life. What was once a large, thriving town of 800 has dwindled down to 216 inhabitants as the past 60 years have brought major transformations in rural communities throughout Denmark. Being an islander for a lifetime is rare, but the strong sense of identity and the interconnectedness keep longtime residents from leaving. They are edging toward their own utopia.

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